About us


If there is a meeting point in Bonito (MS), Taboa Bar is the place, located in Pilad Rebua Street – the main street in Bonito. 14 years ago, the bar was one of the most famous tourist cities in Brazil to offer Taboa – a drink that in its the result of the mixture of: cachaça, honey, cinnamon, guarana powder and natural herbs.
Few people know, but where the bar is located was the first Bonito bank and the first town hall – Cândido Luiz Braga, the first mayor of the city (1949) he was the grandfather of the owner of Grupo Taboa, Andréa Braga Fontoura. In Taboa, people will get to know some of the history of Taboa also is intertwined with the history of the city. This was an old demand of the tourists because they came to the city and found no historical references, “explains Andrea.
We have a very varied menu. Where we serve soups, snacks, portions, individual dishes, dishes for 02 people. Drink’s and of course the famous Taboa. We are the only bar in the world. Producing our own drink taking its name and we´ve licensed to export.
It is also tradition of the bar to allow customers to write on the walls. Leaving their names, messages, and signature in the place. Beautiful, with our own flavor. Taboa.
The environment inside and outside the Taboa is extremely pleasant. With its strong personality stamped in their decoration. Bamboo, straw ratata, Taboa straw. Root, liana, wood shingle, everything in the same place. Enchantingly unique. Visit Bonito MS – Taboa Bar.
Our mission
“Enchant and satisfy customers by offering unique experiences for the senses … With a unique cachaça, a bar that vibrates in the city center and a magic factory.”

Our vision
Being a recognized brand in Brazil for its excellence in service to the tourist and the quality of its products. Aiming to growth, stability and be the most important Bonito reference point.

Our values

• Integrity;
• Commitment;
• Human Enhancement;
• Overcoming results;
• Continuous improvement;
• Innovation;
• Sustainability;
• Leadership Interactive;
• Team work;
• Proactivity;
• Quality;
• Ethics and Compliance;
• Wake creativity, imagination and dreams.


The place where the drink is produced now part of the cultural-tourist route of Bonito. Mix the ingredients, making the bottles with Taboa fiber, boutique with exclusive products, and the history of the bar and drink, known throughout Brazil, are touristic attractions.
The factory entrance door is a replica of the first facade of Taboa Bar.
Visitors will see still with the cachaça that is made in Campo Grande and comes to Bonito, to be mixed. “Here we make the drink mix and also your handmade jam,” said Andrea, who created the drink in 1996. “In winter, a group of friends was gathered at the bar and I began to mix the ingredients with rum. The drink became popular among the known and soon began to attract the attention of tourists who come to have it as a reference during the Knockout visits, “she recalls.
The combination of flavors may seem easy to be copied in theory, but in practice, the sole owner of Taboa revenue is Andrea who oversees all the bottles that are produced. “I was always very interested in these matters mixture of flavors beyond the traditional Taboa, we have the pure cachaça and the guavira (typical fruit of the region). We are also betting on other products such as the mixture of cachaça with traditional fruits, among them peach, plum and pineapple, “says Andrea. In the factory, there is also space reserved for the cultivation of herbs that are added to cachaça, as cloves, cinnamon, rosemary, guarana, finally, herbs considered especial by ancient people.

Visitors will enjoy drinks during the manufacturing process. At the factory, the drink passes through quality control in a laboratory which tourists can see during the visit, only to find out how the beverage bottling process is done. By hand, produced with Taboa fibers – one also present plant in the Brazilian- the lining of the bottle, gives the special touch to the product. The whole process is done by local people – which creates employment opportunities in the city. “It’s a very interesting job because people already identify the drink because of the uniqueness of the bottle,” recalls Andrea. The Taboa plant is known to be purifying polluted water, which also helps in preserving the environment.
Taboa is registered in the Ministry of Agriculture and is the only drink that can be exported from Mato Grosso do Sul to other states and even countries. Initially the name was not related to the plant where it extracts the fiber for coating of beverage bottles, but to speak of friends who started drinking cachaça mixed by Andrea. “I always wondered if the mix was good, ”Taboa” that means, “is good” in Portuguese… so the name was born naturally. As in Bonito also have plant, decided to add even more identity to the name by choosing the fiber Taboa plant to adorn the bottles, “he says. In the factory can also be purchased at the boutique exclusive bottles with sizes (from 50 ml to 700 ml) and different prices.