Taboa Bar


The best night option in Bonito.

It all started with a small bar located in the center of Bonito in 1996. It was the meeting point for friends and tourists who frequent the city, rustic architecture beyond the tradition of write on the walls made Taboa Bar the ideal meeting point. An interesting structure with pleasant environment for the whole family.

Taboa Bar is perfect is you want to have a “bonitense” night, with tradition and great local food and live music that are exclusive of Taboa. A boutique connected to the bar exposes and sells handicraft products produced in our workshop.

Since 1996, Taboa has been with you. So many good stories happen here, the things have changed so much this years… People met, great friendships have started here, relationships and even marriages… just Taboa moments.

Tell your story in Taboa Bar… 20 years now; let´s remember everything.

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Seg. a sex. dás 17:00 às 00:00
Sábado 17:00 às 00:00
Domingo 17:00 às 00:00


Taboa Bar e Restaurante
Av. Coronel Pilad Rebua, 1834
Bonito – Mato Grosso do Sul
Telefone: +55 (67) 3255 – 3598

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