Bonito tradition throughout Brazil

Cold nights of July, common drinks, an idea, a magical mix that only Andrea can do. Indeed, only those who are allowed can feel. Taboa was something that was working. A shot of cachaça distributed among friends, conversations… Prepare a bottle for me!
So she start producing one and then another and another until Taboa had to start producing in bigger quantities. Every day more, more people wanted, that was the origin of Taboa Ind. E Comercio LTDA drinks.
Taboa is now a registered drink in the agriculture ministry. It rode up a whole structure, but it is still done by one person.

The recognized quality of Taboa products is the result of careful manufacturing process. Elaborated by hand since 1996,Now we have the traditional cachaça – coloring and special flavor of cachaça with guavira (typical fruit of the region) and Taboa – mixture of cachaça, honey, cinnamon, guarana powder and natural herbs.

You can drink our cachaça in a caipirina or keep the bottle in the fridge until is really cold, then drink it! It’s delicious.

Exclusive Taboa


Original packing, craft and thematic.

The Taboa bottles get an special and exclusive treatment, all the bottles are made with outsourced labor by the charitable institutions, adding social value in its manufacture.
We have different designs, just the bottle, with Brazilian fabric or covered with Taboa. You can choose the one you like the must.

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Taboa Indústria
Av. Coronel Pilad Rebua, 1834
Bonito – Mato Grosso do Sul
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